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When a roofing system is getting old or there is nothing else you can do about it after it got quite damaged, what would you do? Most people would jump to the conclusion that the only solution is to replace it, which takes a lot of time and money. Especially when the roofing system is one that creates a lot of debris and dirt.

However, what if we tell you can consider another option when you have a metal roof installed? There are many reasons why metal roofing systems are gaining popularity, and one of them is the opportunity to save time and money in replacing them every decade or two. That being said, how is it possible?

Usually, the option of re-roofing a roof is possible for any system you install, but since it tends to take a lot of work with others different from metal, people go for the replacement option anyway. How is it any different from metal roofs? To make it simple, metal roofs are clean in every possible way because you only deal with the panels, shingles, or tiles. When you are going to remove something, there is no need to worry about debris or pollution.

Now, taking this to the idea of re-roofing, it is as simple as placing new panels, shingles, or tiles. You do not have to go through the entire process of almost removing the old or damaged roof but rather choose the areas that need some attention. In simpler words, you only put another metal roof over the existing one if the installed roof can continue to be used.

Re-roofing gives you the opportunity to continue with your roof for many other years without having to think about replacing it anytime soon. The best part is that it is not expensive when it comes to metal roofs. It is one of the most affordable options among metal roofing systems. However, if you are going for this option, make sure you are hiring experts and professionals to take care of the task. Otherwise, you will end up with something worse compared to what you already had.

In our company, Florida Metal Roofers of Deerfield Beach, you can rely on our experts to guarantee the best results. Although re-roofing is not the most requested or common service to perform in Broward County, we are quite familiar with it. After all, we have been in business for over 20 years, and this has given us enough time to learn about everything in the metal roofing industry. Now that you know about re-roofing and our contractors, you must know there is another option for your roof.

However, to determine which one you need it will all depend on the actual condition of your roof and how much you are willing to invest to continue enjoying it. Want to know more? Continue reading.

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Retrofitting is not the same

Many people think that re-roofing and retrofitting is the same but with different names. Well, this is far from what they truly are. When you re-roof, you are installing new panels or materials that are just like the metal roof you have installed, all this in order to add more support and longevity to it.

However, retrofitting is something that involves direct support that is not only for boosting the durability and longevity of the roof but also add more features. In those cases, roof huggers are used, which are quite similar to bases placed on top of the roof or in the internal area to guarantee it will not fall apart and will last for at least another 10 years. Now, is this more expensive than re-roofing? It depends.

First, you need to determine what your roof needs and for this, the only option is to perform an inspection that will be handled by our professionals. Many property owners do not like the idea of inspecting their roofs but whenever you are going for any of these options, keep in mind safety is put at risk compared to any other service we can perform for you. In short, we are not willing to re-roof or retrofit your system unless you allow us to conduct the inspection.

Keep in mind that it is all for your own safety as well and the information we will get from it is going to help us to understand if you are craving for a re-roof or retrofit in order to continue with your roof installed. Whatever it is, rest assured we can handle it. When it comes to retrofitting, keep in mind you can use the huggers to add more elements like some panels to control the heat of the property or maybe the opposite: how cold it gets during certain seasons. In Florida, it is quite common to install extra panels that help to cool down the structure although metal roofs already have the property to reflect heat and therefore, sunlight.

We only mentioned this because we want you to know how many options you have when going for retrofitting services. Also, this is something you cannot handle by yourself. We have helped many property owners after they tried to install the huggers or perform re-roofing by themselves. How were the results they got? Awful, every single one of them. Plus, many got hurt during the process and ended up spending more money since we had to remove everything and almost redo the entire roof to obtain the desired result.

Therefore, instead of thinking too much about it, putting yourself at risk, and end up investing more money than you can afford, contact us today. We will be available 24/7 to help you with any of those services and guarantee that you are able to spend time in your property without worrying about the roof and the probabilities of it falling apart. Just say the words and our contractors and the entire team will be there as long as you are located in Broward County, Florida.

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