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When you think about your residential building or home, do you pay attention to every part of it?  To be more specific, what do you think is important in the property to guarantee its appearance and also, longevity? The walls? Floors? Ceilings? Maybe the roof? 

There is no incorrect answer to this question but you must keep in mind there is not an established order in what is more important than the other. So, what is first? The roof for sure. Without a proper roofing system in your property, the rest of the structure and belonging or goods inside it are destined to perish. Therefore, whenever you are thinking about a new roof or considering the idea of renovating something, set your mind on your roofing system before anything else. 

Many residential owners love the idea of installing tiles or even shingles in their roofs, which gives them not that many options when it comes to choosing the material they will use. This is important for you to know in case you have a certain preference for tiles as well. Clay and concrete tile roofs are popular among people in Boca Raton and the entire Broward County. 

However, do you think they are the best option for this type of roof? We don’t think so. Clay and concrete are easy to break and usually crack after some time of use. In short, they are not the best when it comes to durability and longevity but people decide to install them due to how they look. 

What if we tell you there is a roofing system you can install to obtain the design you want and still get a better performance that will definitely boost the longevity of the entire property? Metal tiles are amazing for the design you have in mind, and we are sure you did not think about them until now. 

Many property owners in the county have a bad concept about metal roofs in general and believe that with tiles, they will not get the desired result. However, it all depends on the specific materials and elements you use to obtain the final result.

If you have your doubts, here is the relevant information you must know about metal tile roofs and you will definitely start loving them after reading it:

Thanks to this benefit, you are able to handle the entire installation and future services or projects without having to worry about how dangerous it can be for a tile to fall. Also, the fact that metal is lightweight in every presentation leaves you the creativity to decide the material you want to use. After all, you can choose between steel, copper, zinc, and aluminum all you want.

Despite what people believe, you can obtain the same result as if you were using clay or concrete, even slate which is the most expensive roofing system in the market. It seems impossible due to the nature of the metal and how it shines when applied to some paint.

However, when you choose the right coating and also paint from the different options available nowadays, it is not impossible to get the same finishing that will help you to make metal tiles look like clay. And while you are on it, you are guaranteed to have a clean and neat roof that will last two or three times more than any other option in the market.

Following the previous benefit, you can focus your efforts and creativity on obtaining the result you want according to your preferences. No, you do not have to limit yourself in imitating another roofing system when you can easily choose from the large variety of profiles metal tile roofs offer. While on it, you can have a look at the quality of the materials you are using that will influence the final result and design of the roof.

Unlike clay or concrete tiles, you will not place each metal tile one by one while being on the roof. Instead, every tile is horizontally fixed into battens, which makes the task of placing the entire roofing system quite easy and fast. But why people do this?

Since you need to guarantee the integrity of the entire roof, the most common option and the most suitable as well is to go for a method that helps you to join each part properly. In this way, you will not have leaks and wind uplift issues will not be something to worry about. Thanks to this structure alone, you are guaranteed to have a roof that will resist heavy rains, snow, and the scorching sun of Florida.

Before anything, let’s put something straight: metal tiles are not expensive. This is something that worries many people after knowing all the benefits that come from using and choosing this system. Fortunately, every metal roof in the market is quite affordable unless you decide to go for the premium options that involve using zinc and copper as the main materials for the tiles—in this case.

However, steel and aluminum are more than perfect for the projects you might have in mind, and choosing them will help you to reduce the costs a lot. Now, about the repair and maintenance, they are not usually necessary. Repairs tend to take place after many years or due to poor installation, which will not take place as long as you have our experts from Florida Metal Roofers of Deerfield Beach dealing with it for you. And the maintenance is performed once or twice a year depending on the damage the roof has received and the last inspection or revision.

You do not have to worry about all this but rather enjoy everything metal tile roofs offer.

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That being said, do you like the idea so far? 

Our company is right here to help you to install your metal tiles as soon as you make the decision. So do not hesitate to contact us. 

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